Get Freaky in New Jersey with 'Atlantic City Character Study'

“Why would you want to buy a place in Atlantic City if you don’t like the underbelly,” asks the woman bluntly to the camera. She lies sprawled out on a hotel bed gripping a wine bottle in one hand. Shoes on, legs crossed, head propped up—she continues to rattle off unapologetically. “If you don’t like the Bonnie and Clydes, if you’re afraid to go to the super market, if you’re afraid to walk out at night?”

Chance the Rapper Breaks Barriers in 'Mr. Happy' | Monologue Blogger

With the recent advent of the deep web (where it has become possible for anyone with enough pocket change and internet savvy to get their hands on just about anything- illegal or immoral), it should come as no surprise the concept of a website that offers up assisted suicides to those desperate and world-weary enough to pay up. In Colin Tilley’s gloomy fictional short Mr. Happy, Chance the Rapper plays the role of one of these websites’ newest customers, and soon finds he signed up for more than

A Road Map For When You Lose Yourself 'In The Pines' | Monologue Blogger

An off-putting hybrid of naturalistic imagery, extraterrestrial undertones, and answering machine soliloquys- In The Pines is a short film directed by Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl about an individual’s pursuit for evidence of alien life. Just to clarify here: this isn’t your typical UFO-laden, ray gun-toting, Invasion of the Body Snatchers type of extraterrestrial film. In The Pines is all about subtleties, undercurrents, and clever experimentation with popularized alien tropes, like the

'Otherhalf' is a Nutty, Unique Tale of Heartbreak and Body Ache | Monologue Blogger

Romantic breakups are notorious for how swiftly they can rend the hearts of those involved, but in Ben West’s offbeat short film Otherhalf, the separation isn’t just limited to the heart- it’s a full body affair. Otherhalf wastes nearly no time at all getting to the core premise of the film, which is enticingly zany the instant it is revealed. Beginning in a finely-furnished marital and family affairs office, our nameless main character and his off-screen significant other are being walked thro

To Rethink The Ink in 'You Won't Regret That Tattoo' | Monologue Blogger

Angie Bird’s short You Won’t Regret That Tattoo (2013) puts the spotlight on older, tattooed members of our society and the colorful stories attached to their fading ink. Having recently watched a close friend decide to splurge on a tattoo one drunken afternoon, Bird’s short couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time in my life. I’ve admittedly never understood the appeal behind tattoos- so this made it especially difficult to lie to my friend about just how much I liked his. Seeing that num

The Perks of Being an E Swallower: Dean Gordon's 'MDMAzing' | Monologue Blogger

As the old saying goes, what goes up must come down; and Dean Gordon’s surreal short MDMAzing demonstrates that it’s no different within the world of habitual MDMA use. MDMA…? M-D-M-A……? If you’re scratching your head right now in confusion- no worries. Odds are you already know what MDMA is (or even know a certain someone who isn’t you who has taken it). From “MDMA is one of the most popular recreational psychoactives, most commonly sold as “ecstasy” (usually tablets) or “molly” (

Kidnapper Faced With Some Deadly Customer Service In 'Open 24 Hours' | Monologue Blogger

A sketchy kidnapper looking for the in-and-out convenience of a country gas station soon realizes he picked the wrong store for a pit-stop in Henry Chaisson’s comedic short Open 24 Hours. Although it may not exactly reflect the true nature the Deep South and rural West, there’s perhaps no better film trope out there than that of the sinister and ill-motived backwoods community. Popularized by over-the-top depictions within films like Deliverance, The Hills Have Eyes, and Motel Hell, the concept

AI Takes a Shot at Screenwriting in Sci-fi Short 'Sunspring' | Monologue Blogger

What happens when you task an artificial intelligence with writing a sci-fi screenplay? Oscar Sharp and his team (including Thomas Middleditch of HBO’s Silicon Valley) took on that curious question, and filmed the remarkable results in a short called Sunspring. Before getting into any in-film details, it’s important to first get a little more background behind the creation of Sunspring. That’s because, in all reality, Sunspring owes much of its success and appeal to a mysterious figure working

Imagination Has Still Got It in Stop-Motion Short 'If I Was God' | Monologue Blogger

An Annie-nominated stop-motion film from 2015, If I Was God takes a dive into director Cordell Barker’s mind as a 7th grader bored in Biology class one long day ago. What lies at the core of If I Was God is something that much of society has long pushed aside: the imagination. As we continue to grow and the world around us, in all its various ways, pushes us towards practicality, pragmatism, and reason, we often miss out on the splendor of what once helped inform our very adolescent realities.

Horror Short 'The Last Time I Saw Richard' is a Thematic Tour de Force | Monologue Blogger

Nicholas Verso’s The Last Time I Saw Richard is a mysterious, well-needed addition to the genre of the horror short, striking an eerily perfect equilibrium between giving the audience too little versus too much. Running at just over 22 minutes, The Last Time I Saw Richard is filled with enough thematic content to rival that of a feature film. There are swoops into an assortment of topics throughout the film, some of which being institutionalization and its effects on the psyche, self-alienation