Just (Just) What I Need Now: Tei Shi’s Dazzling Single “Justify”

Every blue moon or two, a sonic miracle strolls its way into my life.  A pop song of mind-boggling proportions materializes out of thin air, demands my full and undivided attention, and then rouses within me my musical Mr. Hyde. I become a proselytizing madman — doing everything in my ability to spread the word, spread the sound, spread the hype.  It happened once with Jocelyn Alice’s “Jackpot,” more recently with Beyoncé’s “Hold Up,” and now it’s happening again (full-swing) with Tei Shi’s “Justify".

Queens Duo, Punskription Packs Smart Style in New EP ‘Native Brains: Foreign Hearts’

Strapped with swooping sawtooth synths, crisp electro hi-hats, and disillusioned daydreams that could only possibly stem from long hours trapped inside a cubicle- Punskription’s newest EP Native Brains: Foreign Hearts is a wild ride into the heads of P. Cruz and Pete the Lone Lobo. A hip-hop duo based out of Queens, NY, Punskription rocks a style combining the lyrically-conscious content of rappers like Talib Kweli (e.g. “I can’t believe I live in present times/Ten years past 2005/It’s still a c