Selled - Dig It Forever [Produced by Plevy]

Produced by Plevy (thank u, thank u, thank u) Selled soundcloud: Plevy soundcloud: I'm everyone and everything The arm and the boomerang The goof and the guru under the overhang I'll shoot truths into a sleuth's tooth And push proof like I'm a babadook Attitude is Abstract and Rude Or is it compact with values? Yapping and catnapping I'm happy that this body's attached to me But at the same time I feel Separation
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Trailer Park Boys: 15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

Last time we checked in with our favorite coterie of Canadian hooligans and their hit show, Trailer Park Boys, we took a look at some surprising trivia on the boys as well as a slew of running jokes that fans can’t help but quote. Now it’s time to shift gears toward a topic that’s a little more seamy and controversial in nature. Like how every trailer park hides within it a dirty mess or two (think back to Bubbles’ shed in season one), so too do the Trailer Park Boys hide a few behind-the-scenes
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Get Freaky in New Jersey with 'Atlantic City Character Study'

“Why would you want to buy a place in Atlantic City if you don’t like the underbelly,” asks the woman bluntly to the camera. She lies sprawled out on a hotel bed gripping a wine bottle in one hand. Shoes on, legs crossed, head propped up—she continues to rattle off unapologetically. “If you don’t like the Bonnie and Clydes, if you’re afraid to go to the super market, if you’re afraid to walk out at night?”
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Just (Just) What I Need Now: Tei Shi’s Dazzling Single “Justify”

Every blue moon or two, a sonic miracle strolls its way into my life.  A pop song of mind-boggling proportions materializes out of thin air, demands my full and undivided attention, and then rouses within me my musical Mr. Hyde. I become a proselytizing madman — doing everything in my ability to spread the word, spread the sound, spread the hype.  It happened once with Jocelyn Alice’s “Jackpot,” more recently with Beyoncé’s “Hold Up,” and now it’s happening again (full-swing) with Tei Shi’s “Justify".
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Chance the Rapper Breaks Barriers in 'Mr. Happy' | Monologue Blogger

With the recent advent of the deep web (where it has become possible for anyone with enough pocket change and internet savvy to get their hands on just about anything- illegal or immoral), it should come as no surprise the concept of a website that offers up assisted suicides to those desperate and world-weary enough to pay up. In Colin Tilley’s gloomy fictional short Mr. Happy, Chance the Rapper plays the role of one of these websites’ newest customers, and soon finds he signed up for more than
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